The below topic is discussed in more detail on our members' Leverage page

      CREATING LEVERAGE is the key to wealth in real estate investing. Using a little of your own money to move a lot of someone else's money allows you to enjoy the benefits of deprecation for tax purposes and the real appreciation that occurs on the value of the entire investment.
      Between 1975 and 1995, all forms of real property (including houses, land, buildings and other structures) in the U.S. appreciated by 8% per year. Single-family homes gained about 6% a year. 1996 through 1998 inflation has been almost flat, but in most areas, well located property continued to appreciate nicely.

      We also cover the subject of using leverage in some depth on our page about how to buy income property with no money down. That concept is as old as the "come-on" used in various real estate investing courses containing books and tapes, that are sold for hundreds of dollars, to thousands of people like you on TV every week. However, please believe us; learning how to buy property with no money down is just one the things you will need to know and understand in order to become successful in the rental property business. You will also learn that although you can buy real estate with No Money Down, it usually means you pay more for the property tha n you need to and don't enjoy the best possible terms.

       Learn all you can about every aspect of the business. It doesn't take unusual intelligence or hard work to get rich in real estate. It just takes knowledge of some basics and then the willingness to follow through with what you learn. If you get confused or need additional information, join professional landlords in a local association . Post a question on a discussion page . We won't wish you luck, because luck has little to do with success, but we will wish that you get started today.

The above topic is discussed in more detail on our members' Leverage page