The $40 annual RHOL membership fee provides Landlords, Property Managers, Real Estate Investors, Housing Professionals, and Tenants access to hundreds of pages of information and services such as:

Invest Web Information about a wide range of subjects related to real estate investment including owner associations, financing, insurance, property selection, selecting professionals, tax issues, and zoning.

Manage Web Information about barrier free, collecting rent and judgments, courts, deposits, leases, maintenance, occupancy, screening, taxes, and a variety of property management subjects.

Rental WebRHOL's largest web, with hundreds of pages covering almost every income property related topic from accounting to zoning.

Real Estate Investor's Web Information that relates more specifically to real estate investors, including buying, financing, taxation, zoning, and more.

Landlords Web and Property Managers Web Information that relates more specifically to each of these two similar groups that often have somewhat different needs.

Tenants Web Information of particular interest and value to tenants, but also of value to managers. Includes tips and discussions of rights, duties, deposits, habitability, evictions, and pets.

CornerStone Electronic University e-Courses CSEU offers a Certificate of Course Completion for each of the below e-Courses.

Income Property Basics T hi s e-course is designed to provide the fundamentals of income property investment and management for those having little knowledge and experience.

Buying & Selling IncomeProperty This e-course provides a structured introduction to all the important factors regarding acquiring properties.

Valuing Income Property Knowing the value of a property is important whether buying, financing, or selling income property.

Managing Income Property All aspects of management are covered in this e-course.

Buying Foreclosures This e-course provides lessons and discussions regarding the real estate foreclosure process and buying those properties.

Evictions Do it yourself evictions can be very costly if you don't know how.  RHOL has developed an e-course on evictions with extensive information and step by step instruction.

Collecting Judgments You win your case in court, and have your judgment, how do you get your money?  This comprehensive e-course provides step by step instruction.