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   A change in zoning is called "rezoning". It can be requested by a property owner or by the local government. Rezoning changes often involve shifting a parcel or parcels of land from one land use classification to another.

You Want a Zoning Change:

      Not all rezoning proceedings are alike, but key features are consistent. The process always begins with an application and payment of a fee.

      Because of the many possible pitfalls, most people seeking a rezoning retain an experienced attorney to assist them.

The entire series of events often takes many months to complete. The likelihood of success varies based on the facts and circumstances of each case.

You Want to Dispute a Proposed Rezoning

  Rezoning can certainly raise a neighborhood ruckus and produce an overwhelming negative reaction from your customarily-friendly neighbors, especially where rezoning requests are for light industrial or commercial development in place of residential.

      You can ask questions about and voice your objections at the public hearing. Again, if the matter is important to you, an attorney can assist you.

      If the zoning amendment is adopted, you have the right to appeal to the courts.

      Before contemplating a legal assault, keep in mind that these cases are seldom easy victories because courts give heavy deference and latitude to the decisions of local zoning authorities.

The above topics are discussed in much more depth
on our members' Rezoning Real Property page.

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