Rental Housing On Line can search and monitor Consumer Credit Files to provide our members with the information you need to locate former tenants and collect debts.

Enter the information necessary for us to track or trace an individual.




  Email the current address listed in the debtor's consumer credit file. $6.00

Set the WATCH Criteria for tracking

The following is a list of available criteria for our Consumer Credit File WATCH Service. Please check those that you want us to track. The cost is $3 for each tracking WATCH that you check, then $6.when we email the hit to you and remove the WATCH.

When a new current address is added to their consumer file.

When a new current employment is added to the consumer file.

When a new inquiry occurs from someone other than you.

An increase in past due amount by $50.00 or more occurs, or the MOP* on a trade collection increases.

When a new trade or collection is opened.

The MOP* on an existing trade or collection is improved.

The remarks code for an existing tradeline in the consumer file changes to BKL*, indicating the tradeline is now bankrupt.

New derogatory public record data is added to the consumer file.

The consumer file contains a new public record declaring bankruptcy.

True name fraud consumer statement is present on the consumer file.

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Only the amounts checked above will be charged to your card.


The results of your request will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes available.

*MOP, Manner of Payment
*BLK, Bankruptcy