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Residential Tenancy Act

Summary of BC Law

Application Fee:

  • Rent Control: increases only once every twelve months, with arbitration and 90 day notice.
  • Dispute Resolution - Arbitration: Binding, $35. fee
  • Notice to quit for non-payment: 10 days notice
  • Notice to terminate: One month for cause, usually two months is necessary
  • Average time to complete eviction:
  • Maximum Security Deposit: Half of the first month rent.
  • Time allowed to return Security Deposit: 15 days
  • Interest on Security Deposit: Varies by year
  • Late charges:

Environmental Laws Affecting Rental Housing

Rental Housing Associations
  • Real Estate Investment Network
    Contact: Don Campbell, (403) 463-1155
    Meetings: Every Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm at theSheraton - Cavalier, Calgary, Alberta
Rental Housing Inspection Programs